Kingdom of God Principles —

the workbook series for Christian Growth into Discipleship.

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Introductory Pricing! (Also Available from Amazon as paperback or ebook!) This is a workbook on nurturing newly-born Christians. It shows fundamental doctrines, habits, and tutoring required for the new initiate in Christ. It is an in-depth review of the "second birth", forming growth habits, and ensuing spiritual warfare. The text is inspired by writing from Jesse Penn-Lewis and Watchman Nee.

Book #1 "Feeding His Lambs"
— is an introduction specifically written for the newly-born Christian and is a prerequisite for workbook #2. Scriptures and doctrinal studies intentionally use common vernacular for Christian terminology which is "foreign to the new convert". A "Spiritual Neonatus'" first 28-days are its critical growth period. Workbook #1 demonstrated how to nurture your newly-born spirit! These next 1,000 days start the fledgling's maturing process; workbook #1 laid these foundations into Christian Anthropology, Soteriology, Christology Theologies, guidance into living victoriously and mild "sparing sessions" in spiritual warfare.

The online course follows the text workbook and includes written exercises and quizzes. CEU and certificate provided upon successful completion.


Book #2 "Tending His Sheep" (current work in progress) — is specifically written for the newly maturing "Christian fledgling". It builds upon the foundations from workbook #1 by adding the topics of our current and future roles as Christians in both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. This workbook provides a gentle introduction to various teaching (aka -also known as- "doctrines") and terminology found in Systematic, Historical, and Practical Theologies, — their origins, their motivations, from those early years, toward encroaching heresies and heterodoxy, and their "final traditional agreements" incorporated into today's church dogma. The "sparring sessions" become more intense as we review these ancient "heresies and heterodoxies".

Book #3 "Feeding His Sheep" (currently in development) — continues to build upon workbooks #1 and #2. This workbook presents more difficult messages and parables as taught by Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry about the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, and discipleship. This is a Constructive Theology workbook about the "Kingdom Principles" and discipleship — an insight for today's church and the "Keys to achieving a Successful, Powerful, and Abundant Life in Christ our Lord."