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* content comes from the workbook "Feeding His Lambs" Appendix

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Bibles & New Testament

  • Berean Study Bible (BSB — as FREE Downloads) Old and New Testaments (abbreviated "OT" and "NT" respectively) — quoted from their website, "The Berean Bible is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible, based on the best available manuscripts and sources. Each word is connected back to the Greek or Hebrew text, resulting in a transparent and honest text that can be studied for its root meanings. The Berean Study Bible text is the result of a meticulous translation and styling process to maintain core meanings and produce an English text of high literary quality, effective for public reading, study, memorization, and evangelism. Additionally, we believe that the Scriptures are meant to be studied and shared freely. Just as Paul encouraged the churches to pass on his letters, we are developing digital resources that will be free to access and free to share in websites, apps, and software."
  • "Abundant Life" New Testament (English Softcover Edition) — The Abundant Life NT Bible offers its readers insights about living the abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Topics such as joy, peace, dealing with life’s tough issues, and more practical guidance are offered for daily life. The Abundant Life Bible is "value priced" typically under $2.00. Preview a FREE sample from this website.
  • Jesus Save New Testament — Evangelism Notes, Verse Format, Black Letter, Two Column Text. This is a great low cost evangelism tool with a complete plan of salvation. under $2.00.
  • Vida abundante Nuevo Testamento NTV (Tapa rústica) (Spanish Edition) — Vida abundante Nuevo Testamento ofrece a los lectores perspectivas para un nivel más profundo de abundancia que resulta de una relación con Cristo. Tópicos como el gozo, la paz y enfrentar los problemas difíciles de la vida ofrecen una guía práctica para la vida diaria. Vida abundante Nuevo Testamento tiene un precio económico y es perfecto para ofrecer como regalo. Vista previa de una muestra GRATIS de este sitio web.
  • World English Bible (Public Domain and available in various formats FREE!) — "The style of the World English Bible, while fairly literally translated, is in informal, spoken English. The World English Bible is designed to sound good and be accurate when read aloud. It is not formal in its language, just as the original Greek of the New Testament was not formal. The WEB uses contractions rather freely." — quoted from the Preface
  • Gospel of John and Romans (English and Spainish) from Chick Publications for .55 cents each.

Bible Study Tools

  • Blue Letter Bible (online) — an impressive ministry which provides several translations of God's Word online, tutorials, a "blog" of current Christian articles, Bible Study resources, multimedia including traditional hymns and videos, a variety of Devotionals, FAQ and Theological guidance, and a free Seminary Institute.
  • Bible Hub — similar in content to the Blue Letter Bible mentioned above. This website does support Bible translation not available from the Blue Letter website. Bible Hub also has the same resources such as topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools, plus concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons and devotionals. Review their marketing summary here. Personally, I prefer the Blue Letter Bible website robust content as a layman and software engineer.
  • e-Sword — another similar Bible software tool similar to the Bible Analyzer. The e-sword is more for the professional pastors and seminary students. Personally, I prefer the Bible Analyzer as a layman and software engineer. Both software tools have exclusive resource reference that do not overlap.
  • Journal your Spiritual Growth — secure a notebook and on the first page you should write your date and circumstances of your conversion. This is important! When you reach your "humble author's age", memory, events and circumstance begin to blur. Your documentation will be a reminder of the details of this life changing event. Next, on each of the following pages, you should log your scripture readings and revelations the Holy Spirit has given you; this article — "How to Write an Exegesis" provides a valuable reference. You may find from your readings, inspirations, and journal entries guidance that may to help others.

As your study God's Word, keep this thought from Watchman Nee in your thoughts, quoted from Volume 54, "How to Study the Bible",

A>"The study of the Bible is not merely a matter of right methods but a matter of right persons. A person must be right before he can adopt the right method to study the Bible. Methods are important because without good methods, one cannot study the Bible well. But the person must also be properly calibrated before he can study the Bible well. Some people have a misguided concept that very few people can study the Bible. Others have a mistaken notion that anyone can study the Bible. Both are wrong. It is wrong to think that very few people can study the Bible, and it is equally wrong to think that everyone can study the Bible. Only one kind of person can study the Bible, and we have to be that kind of person before we can study the Bible well. ... In John 6:63 the Lord Jesus said, "The words which I have spoken to you are spirit." The words of the Bible are not only letters but spirit. We also should recall the Lord's word in John 4:24: "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit." Here the Lord points out a fundamental principle: God is Spirit, and man can only touch Him with his spirit. God is Spirit, and we can only worship Him with our spirit; we cannot worship Him with anything other than the spirit. (ed.: provided that he has a spirit!) ... The very nature of the Bible is spirit. For this reason, everyone who reads this book must approach it with His Spirit; it must be read with The Spirit. The spirit that we are referring to is the spirit of every regenerated person. ... When can a man begin to understand the Bible? On the day he receives the Lord, he can begin to understand the Bible. From that day forward, the Bible will become a new book to him; he will begin to understand and treasure this book."

Tools for Telling Others

My parent operated a chain of retail Christian book stores in Phoenix, AZ through the late 60s to early 80s. While growing up, I remember reading many "cartoon tracts" from Chick Publishing. I used their small comics to witness to my school friends.

It is surprising how informative these "Comic Tracts" can be. For example glance through this FREE Online sample, "Look What's Missing", and learn what's been removed from 40 popular Bible translations.

Other FREE Online Comic Tracts:

  • Congratulations — (Item #989) Encourages Christians to pass out tracts.
  • He NEVER TOLD US — (Item #945) If you're a Christian, what will your friends say this about you?
  • No Liars In Heaven — (Item #998) Bible publishers are removing verses. Is yours on the list?
  • Who, Me? — (Item #900)
    Reach 1000 people per year for Jesus with this easy witnessing plan!

Religious Quizzes (off site)

This section is managed by "Select Smart" — a quiz generation website. Read about them here.

I have highlighted some quizzes that might provide valuable insight. You'll notice that the author normally provides their full name and credentials. Before you seriously consider any quiz results, keep in mind these topics:

  1. These quizzes are created by a single persons and their opinions (their dogma).
  2. Some quizzes are obviously entertainment; yet, ask questions for serious reflection on your reactions.
  3. Review the quizzes votes, ratings, and number who accessed the quiz. These should be measurement indicators before you apply the results personally.
  4. Review the quiz results. If the quiz is skewed — too many or higher percentage appear in a few categories — then expect the quiz to lead your answers into the author's prejudices.
  5. The volume of questions in a quiz will reveal the author's earnest efforts in its creation.
  6. Review the "quiz outcome results" at the bottom of the quiz (just above the submit button). Fewer outcomes indicates the authors earnest efforts in evaluation of answers your provided.

Quiz Listing from "Select Smart"

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What are your spiritual gifts? By Peter Lounsbury

Use with discretion

Afterlife Beliefs By Destara
Are You a TRUE Christian? What are your beliefs in the BIBLE or in TRADITION? By Chairman Kevin S. P.
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